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Congratulations Tim and Eric on Your Ten-Year Anniversary, Great Job!

Tim and Eric

“We didn’t know actors, so we were the actors; didn’t know how to make animation but couldn’t afford to pay someone. It was our spirit, the whole DIY, can-do nature of who we are,” said Wareheim. “That’s what comes through in stuff like Tom and Awesome Show. That’s us coming from Philly and hustling.”

So how did a pair of students from Philly’s Temple University, who began with small, lo-tech sketch-comedy films, come to make one of the weirdest, most awkward—and most acclaimed—comedy series of the past decade?

Back before Weird Internet was truly a thing, PRETTYBIRD Directors, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim were practically swimming in it. In honor of Tim & Eric’s 10 Year Anniversary Awesome Tour, after they changed comedy, FLOOD Magazine took a look back on the making and legacy of Awesome Show, Great Job! Check out the feature here.

“The humor element—the thing that drove Tim and I together—is almost a supernatural phenomenon,” said Heidecker.