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Georgie Greville Featured in Top 16 Women Leading the Future of Beauty by WWD

“Today, everything is transparent, every brand is a turntable. The fact that we’ve been transparent with our product, inclusive in casting and infused our values in everything we do is a modern point of view that is shared by a lot of people.” – Georgie Greville

Georgie Greville, Dianna Ruth, and Zanna Roberts Rassi, cofounders, of Milk Makeup were featured in Beauty Inc’s first women’s issue celebrating ladies leading the charge in beauty by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). See the full feature here.

“When I came [to Milk Makeup], I saw how the girls wore their makeup, what they liked, what they ate, what they did and I took all of that and built products for them.” – Dianna Ruth “Beauty is leading the charge when it comes to celebrating individuals and self-expression. Standing on your own is what makes you cool.” – Zanna Roberts Rassi