Daniels and Russo Brothers Team Up For Sci-Fi Movie

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Noisey 03.06.17

Ian Schwartz and fourclops Aid #TheResistance with

OnePoint4 02.27.2017

Tom Noakes: “I Mostly Listen to My Gut. I’m Literate in Gut Talk.”

The Stable 02.22.17

Jodeb Highlights “Visceral Might of Mother Nature” for Arla

Le Journal de Montreal 02.21.17

“Another Quebec Director Makes His Mark”

Adweek 02.13.17

Melina Matsoukas’ Nike Spot: “Gorgeous, Powerful Campaign Dedicated to Equality”

Creativity 01.23.17

Does Max Malkin’s “One In A Billion” Make A Dig at Under Armor??

The New Yorker 01.23.17

Daniels’ “Possibilia”: The Movie with a Thousand Plot Lines

Creativity 01.23.17

PRETTYBIRD Makes Creativity’s 2017 A-List

The A.V. Club 01.19.17

“The Academy Should Consider the Farty Boner Corpse and Other Frugal Effects Work”

Variety 01.25.17

Variety Raves About Greg Barker’s “Legion of Brothers”

Men's Journal 02.01.17

The Men Behind the True Story of “Legion of Brothers”

i-D 01.13.17

Rei Nadal and DELADA “[Present Their Own Russian Dossier]”

SSENSE 01.11.17

Matt Lambert’s “Home” is “When Sexting Becomes Form”

shots 01.05.17

François Rousselet’s “Find Your Magic” is 3rd Most Watched Video on shots

The New York Times 12.29.16

NYT: Melina Matsoukas Touched Nerves From Behind the Camera

The Independent 11.14.16

Two Sides of OCD in Alev Lenz’s Music Video “Eggshell”

Variety 11.14.16

“Insecure” Returns for Season Two

STATUS Magazine 11.22.16

STATUS Magazine Goes Old School with Ace Norton

1.4 11.22.16

1.4 Pushes the Limits of Jodeb’s Comfort Zone

Variety 11.15.16

Bret Easton Ellis’ “The Deleted” to Premiere 12.04.16

The Drum 12.20.16

US Creative of the Year: W+K Portland/NY and GS&P

Movie Pilot 12.05.16

“Bret Easton Ellis’ ‘The Deleted’ Is ‘American Psycho’ For The Internet Generation”

Pitchfork 11.08.16

Weirdcore Distorts Clinton and Trump Faces

US Weekly 11.03.16

Kirby Jenner: US Weekly Birthday Feature

VOX 11.04.16

Solange​ Knowles Spearheads Incredible “Insecure” Soundtrack

LA Times 11.10.16

LA Times: “Mother-daughter drama raises goosebumps in ‘The Monster'”

David Reviews 11.01.16

Jodeb Signing to PRETTYBIRD an “Off the Chain . . . Ideal Union”

Deadline 11.07.16

Tim Heidecker’s Agent Jack Decker Returns for Season Two

Pitchfork 11.02.16

“We Are X” Tells “the Greatest Rock’N’Roll Story America Has Never Heard.”

Shots 10.28.16

Shots: PRETTYBIRD Signs New Director Jodeb for Global Representation

Candid Magazine 10.19.16

Jesse Kanda’s “Mouth Mantra” VR: “More Real Than Virtual”

Billboard 10.18.16

5 Standout Music Videos Directed by Melina Matsoukas

NME 10.18.16

Douglas Hart Helms John Cooper Clark & Hugh Cornwell Debut

Entertainment Weekly 10.10.16

Melina Matsoukas on Directing HBO’s “Insecure”

Addicted to Horror Movies 10.17.16

5/5 Stars for “The Monster”

Vanity Fair 10.10.16

HBO Leaps Ahead with “Insecure”

Collider 10.10.16

“The Monster” Trailer “[Turns the Mundane to Terrifying]”

Los Angeles Times 10.10.16

“Insecure” is “As Heart-Stopping and Suspenseful as . . . Hitchcock.”

Entertainment Weekly 10.07.16

“Insecure” is EW’s “Pick of the Weekend”

The Drum 09.28.16

2017 ANDY Awards Chairman Pete Favat Commends Kerstin Emhoff

Birth. Movies. Death. 10.05.16

Birth. Movies. Death Talks Daniels’ “[Remarkable and Impressive Filmmaking Debut]”

Dazed 09.29.16

Daniels “Confront the Uncomfortable” with Dazed

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue: “Meet Video Girl Melina Matsoukas”

Variety 09.20.16

Dori Oskowitz Helms Script for Upcoming Nicolas Cage Thriller

DigitalSpy 09.20.16

“Swiss Army Man” Is “A Poignant Masterpiece

Financial Times 09.20.16

Preen Exudes a “Woman of Contrasts”

InStyle 09.20.16

InStyle “Totally Blown Away” By Preen

Revolt TV 09.13.16

Nick Knight Talks Working with Hip Hop Artist Travis Scott

Promo News 08.30.16

Melina Matsoukas Sweeps the 2016 VMAs

My San Antonio 08.30.16

“XOXO” Finally Gives EDM Its Due

LA Review of Books 08.31.16

The Nerdiest Review of Daniels’ “Swiss Army Man”

Vanity Fair 09.09.16

Melina Matsoukas’ “Insecure” Breaks Barriers

MovieMaker 08.29.16

How Our Co-Produced Netflix Original Was Made

Film School Rejects

“Swiss Army Man” and “The Lobster” Are the Summer’s Best Movies

Adweek 08.23.16

Nike’s “Unlimited” Campaign the Most Memorable Olympic Ad Series

LA Times 08.23.16

Chris Louie Talks “XOXO” EDM Message

Adweek 08.16.16

Ad of the Day: The Iron Nun’s “Unlimited Youth”

SHOOT 08.17.16

The Iron Nun Speeds to the Top of SHOOT

A.V. Club 08.17.16

fourclops ::)’s “Pac-Dog” is “Why There is Such a Thing as the Internet”

Adweek 08.19.16

Nike CMO Talks Daniels and Max Malkin’s “Unlimited” Spots

The Drum 08.15.16

The Drum: Holy Nike Triathlete, Sister!!

IndieWire 08.09.16

How Daniels “Got Weird” For Nike

No Film School 08.10.16

Daniels Break Down “Possibilia” Piece By Piece

Creativity 08.15.16

The “Iron Nun” Is Nike’s Latest Star Athlete

Creativity 08.09.16

Editor’s Pick: Nike “Unlimited Courage”

Adweek 08.09.16

Max Malkin Highlights Chris Mosier’s “Unlimited Courage”

MovieMaker Magazine 08.09.16

Behind the Possibilities: Daniels Discuss Making of “Possibilia”

The Guardian 08.08.16

Yorgos Lanthimos Needs to Direct the Next Comic Book Film

Adverting Age 08.05.16

Daniels’ “Nike: Unlimited” to Air During Olympics Opening Ceremony

IndieWire 08.06.16

Daniels Push Nike Beyond Limits

Adweek 08.05.16

Voiceover Narrator Totally Loses Control of This Awesome Nike Ad for the Olympics

Creativity 08.05.16

Nike Obliterates ‘Just Do It’ Tagline in Olympics Opening Ceremony Ad

Agency Spy 08.05.16

Daniels, W+K Go Off the Rails for Nike

Branding Magazine 08.04.16

Good Campaign of the Week: Nike “Da Da Ding”

Rolling Stone 08.04.16

New Netflix Drama Takes on Dazzling EDM World in “XOXO”

FIlmmaker Magazine 08.03.16

Filmmaker Magazine: “Possibilia” Explores the Possibilities of Interactivity

IndieWire 08.03.16

Daniels “Lend Their Signature Style to an Exciting New Medium”

BET 08.02.16

Melina Matsoukas’ Mood Ring Style

Deadline 08.02.16

Melina Matsoukas on Mainstream Portrayal of “Blackness”

Dazed 08.01.16

Matt Lambert and Jesse Kanda: Dazed’s “Music Videos of the Month”

Vulture 07.29.16

Tim & Eric’s Dr. Steve Brule is “the Best Comedic [Performance] on TV”

Birmingham Magazine 07.28.16

Daniel Scheinert: A Rare Alabama-Born Moviemaker

Adweek 07.27.16

Adweek Commends Fleur Fortuné’s Elegant Tribord Spot

Pitchfork 07.26.16

7 Dope Videos by Beyoncé Favorite Melina Matsoukas

IndieWire 07.21.16

“Possibilia”: An Un-Break-Up Story Or A De-Make-Up Story??

The Lift 07.21.16

The “Colorful Romance” of Fleur Fortuné

Esquire 07.20.16

How Daniels’ “Swiss Army Man” is a “Grown Up Bromantic Comedy”

WSJ 07.15.16

Nike Ad Featuring Indian Sportswomen Goes Viral

Vulture 07.14.16

Aziz Ansari: “There Is No #EmmysSoWhite!!”

TPJ 07.13.16

Daniels Talk Farting In Front of Their Girlfriends

Adweek 07.12.16

Girl Power: A Nike Da Da Ding

Vogue 07/12/16

Get POPing with Melina Matsoukas

Business Insider 07/11/16

Scatter Instrumental in Perfecting “Zero Days”

Communications Arts 07/06/16

How Vania Heymann “[Got] It Together” for Coldplay’s “Up&Up”

CNN 07.05.16

Melina Matsoukas Is Anything But Insecure

The Verge 06/30/16

Daniels On Earlier Works: “What the F**k? Why Did We Make That?”

The Guardian 06/30/16

Meet XO: The Masters of Wearable Technology

Dazed 06/30/16

The Story Behind Matt Lambert’s “Supercharged Magical Queer Creative Energy”

LBB 06/29/16

LBB’s Full PRETTYBIRD Cannes Lions Overview

SHOOT 06/27/16

“Formation” Selected for Grand Prix Due to “Creative Bravery”

Billboard 06/27/16

“Fomation” Wins Grand Prix for “Taking Serious Risks”

The NY Times 06/27/16

The NY Times Dubs “Swiss Army Man” A “Stunningly Original Mix of the Macabre and the Magical”

Roger Ebert 06/27/16

Roger Ebert: “Like A Dream, [Swiss Army Man’s] Logic is Entirely Emotional”

Paste Magazine 06/23/16

HBO Teases Upcoming Comedy “Insecure”

Advertising Age 06/23/16

Matt Lambert Selected for Saatchi’s “New Directors’ Showcase”

Weld for Birmingham 06/17/16

Tim Heidecker’s “Decker: Unclassified” is a Nightmare

Paste Magazine 06/17/16

The “Formula” of Tim & Eric’s Cult Classic 

Business Wire 06/16/16

Ali Brown on “Make Some Room” Diversity Panel at Cannes International Festival of Creativity

Co.Create 06/15/16

Maya Rudolph Presents a “Vajingle” with Matt Piedmont

The New York Times 06.14.16

Daniels Reveal to The New York Times, “We didn’t like each other at first.”

LBB 06/13/16

Charlie Roberson Joins PRETTYBIRD UK as the Commercial Sales Representative

Bloomberg 06.06.16

Tim & Eric are . . . “building a low-budget comedy machine for the Internet Age!”

52 Insights 06.01.16

Melina Matsoukas Continues Her Mass Disruption!

Buzzfeed 05.31.16

Dan Kwan is one of BuzzFeed‘s “28 Asian-American Filmmakers You Need to Know!”

Promo News 05.31.16

Promo News Selects Two PRETTYBIRD Videos for May “Video of the Month!”

Medium 05.26.16

HBO Announces Debut of Melina Matsoukas’ “Insecure!!”


PRETTYBIRD’s “Jaw Dropping” Music Videos!

AdForm 05.18.16

AdForum features Vania Heymann’s viral music video for Coldplay!

The Creators Project 05.18.16

Go behind the scenes with Matt Lambert’s latest!

The Guardian 05.17.16

Eric Wareheim is the new king of awkward US comedy!

Deadline 05.17.16

Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Lobster” pinches this year’s best opening for a Specialty release!

The Hollywood News 05.15.16

The Hollywood News calls “The Trust” ‘A dark, twisted and fun thrill ride’

Playboy 05.13.16

Nic Cage talks Brewer’s “The Trust!”

Time 05.13.16

Colin Farrell on Why He’ll Never Make a More Unusual Film Than “The Lobster”

NY Times 05.13.16

The NY Times loves Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Lobster”

SHOOT 05.12.16

2016 AICE recognizes the editor of Melina Matsoukas’ “Formation!”

Chicago Sun-Times 05.11.16

Chicago Sun-Times says ‘Wood and Cage have a terrific dynamic together’ in Brewer’s “The Trust!”

The Guardian 05.11.16

Declan McKenna on the “brilliant Matt Lambert!”

Variety 05.11.16

Yorgos Lanthimos re-teams with Colin Farrell on next movie!

The Star 05.06.16

Daniels outshine the Russo Brothers!

NY Times 05.02.16

“THE DREW” A Positive ‘Hood Story’

The Fader 04.27.16

The Fader interviews Tim Heidecker on his new song “Work From Home!”

Variety 04.26.16

HBO to submit Beyonce’s “Lemonade” for Emmy consideration!

LA Times 04.24.16

“Swiss Army Man” and “The Lobster” lead the counter-programming charge this summer!

Indiewire 04.24.16

Which directors shot Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade?’ Melina Matsoukas is one of ’em! 04.22.16

IOC launches global promotional campaign directed by Max Malkin!

Time 04.19.16

Brewer’s “The Unacceptable Acceptance Letters” uses college acceptance letters to shed light on campus sexual assault.

1.4 04.19.16

1.4: Matt Lambert “the Prince of LBGT Filmmaking!”

Adweek 04.18.16

GS&P and PRETTYBIRD call on schools to protect students in Brewer’s “Unacceptable Acceptance Letters!”

Lenny 04.15.16

The Lenny Interview with Melina Matsoukas!

Broadway World 04.14.2016

No Excuse “The Drew” Premieres 4/29/16!

Deadline 04.05.2016

A24 will globally release Daniels’ “Swiss Army Man!”

Deadline 04.04.16

Trailer drops for Daniels’ film, “Swiss Army Man!”

SHOOT 04.04.2016

Shoot checks in with the Daniels!

Pitchfork 03.24.2016

Tim Heidecker goes solo for “In Glendale!”

Dazed 03.22.16

Nick Knight discusses David Bowie tribute!

The Guardian 03.21.16

Brewer’s “The Trust” is one of The Guardians ‘Standout World Premieres’

Vice 03.17.16

Matt Lambert helps artist Declan McKenna express his “Faith in the wisdom of youth”

The Guardian 03.15.16

The Guardian calls Brewer’s “The Trust” a ‘slickly executed dark comedy’

Dazed 03.11.2016

Matt Lambert fuses “Berlin’s underground with LA’s punk scene!”

The Austin Chronicle 03.10.16

Nicolas Cage talks his role in Brewer’s “The Trust!”

Campaign Live 03.10.2016

Jason Zada’s Discover L.A. campaign is “Hipster Paradise!”

Slug Magazine 03.08.2016

Matt Piedmont on “Spoils of Babylon!”

52 Insights 03.08.2016

52 Insights Magazine Gets To Know Matt Lambert!

Vanity Fair 03.02.2016

Melina Matsoukas is a “disrupter” for Vanity Fair!

Dazed 03.01.2016

Dazed dug into their archives to feature Prettybird UK director Matt Lambert!

Hollywood Reporter 02.22.2016

A24 catches Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Lobster!”

Variety 02.09.2016

Tyrese’s “Shame,” directed by Paul Hunter, wins Outstanding Music Video at NAACP Image Awards!

Mashable 02.08.2016

“Formation” brings the ‘political and personal to pop culture and entertainment.’

Adweek 02.08.2016

Paul Hunter’s T-Mobile spots make Adweek’s 10 most viral ads of Super Bowl 50!

Adweek 02.08.2016

“Restricted Bling” rings in for Adweek’s 5 best ads of Super Bowl 50

Time 02.08.2016

Time says “Formation” is “Activism for African Americans, Women and LGBTQ People!”

AdAge 02.08.2016

Steve Harvey ‘Ballogizes’ in T-Mobile Super Bowl 50 spot!

New York Times 02.08.2016

NY Times calls “Homegrown” a ‘multi-dimensional exploration of domestic terrorism!”

The Guardian 02.08.2016

The Guardian calls Melina Matsoukas’ new video for Beyonce “a rallying cry that couldn’t be more timely.”

Buzzfeed 02.04.2016

Buzzfeed warms up to the Daniels and “Swiss Army Man”

Adweek 02.04.16

Vania Heymann’s Grammy Lip-Sync is Adweek’s ‘Ad of the day”

Deadline 02.02.2016

Brewer’s “The Trust” to premiere at SXSW

Pitchfork 02.02.2016

Primal Scream and Sky Ferreira go retro in “Where The Light Gets In” video!

Slashfilm 02.01.2016

Sundance Winners: Daniels take US Dramatic Directing award, “We are X” wins Special Jury Award for Editing!

Daily Mail 01.29.2016

Nick Knight rounds up sinful supermodels in Beats by Dre short!

Medium 01.29.16

Greg Barker returns to HBO with documentary “Homegrown!”

Variety 01.29.2016

A24 lands “Swiss Army Man!”

Adweek 01.28.2016

François Rousselet’s Axe spot is going to the Super Bowl!

Variety 01.25.2016

Variety calls Daniels’ “Swiss Army Man” ‘an off-the-wall absurdist existential comedy!’

Hollywood Reporter 01.25.16

The Hollywood Reporter states Daniels’ “Swiss Army Man” is ‘bizarrely poetic and strongly touching.’

Business Insider 01.25.2016

Business Insider says Daniel’s “Swiss Army Man” is ‘strangest movie…ever seen at the Sundance Film Festival’

Chicago Sun-Times 01.22.2016

Chicago Sun-Times calls “Mojave” the ‘first great film of 2016!’

Little Black Book 01.19.2016

Tim & Eric’s new HomeAway campaign highlights the grossness of shared holidays!

Adweek 01.15.2016

François Rousselet’s New Spot for Axe is Adweek’s “Ad of the Day!”

Shots 01.08.2016

Shot’s Director profile on Jason Zada’s ‘scarily successful career!’