Simple Harmonic Motion is an ongoing series of projects and research investigating complexity from simplicity – specifically the emergence of complex behaviour through the interaction of simple multilayered rhythms. It is inspired by natural and mathematical phenomena, as well as works by the likes of Norman Mclaren, John Whitney, Steve Reich, John Cage, Gyorgi Ligeti and Edgar Varèse.

The initial motivation for the project is a personal abstract memoir of growing up in and experiencing Istanbul. Inspired by Orhan Veli Kanik’s poem “Istanbulu dinliyorum” (“I’m listening to Istanbul with my eyes closed”), it is a very non-literal sonic interpretation of the cultural diversity of the city; a collision of cultures and intertwined opposites: progressive vs conservative, religious vs secular, liberal vs authoritarian, extreme decadence vs severely moral; interwoven, not only in the same city, but in the same streets, the same buildings. Seemingly conflicted yet managing to not only co-exist, but breeding thriving and flourishing subcultures. In the chaos of the city, a rich tapestry of different lifestyles, different patterns and rhythms cross paths on a daily basis. The intersection of these rhythms create complex cyclical, quasi-periodic patterns. Movements that may initially appear to be random and arbitrary, are actually governed by an elaborate order creating recognizable yet constantly evolving behaviour.

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