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Fleur Fortuné

Audiences easily and happily get lost in the visually stunning world of Fleur Fortuné. Inspired by conceptual and technically challenging projects, what she brings to filmmaking is not simply an artful and unique pair of eyes, but a creativity and explosively wild imagination spurred on by the alchemy of her own mind.

Though she recently branched off to pursue a solo directing career, Fleur formerly collaborated with creative partner Emmanuel “Manu” Cossu under the name Fleur & Manu. With projects for the likes of Tricky, Bag Raiders and Skrillex, Fleur & Manu quickly established themselves as visionary filmmakers and major players in the world of music videos. In 2013, the duo directed the celebrated music video for “Pursuit” by Gesaffelstein, the new icon of French Techno. The video was a massive international success and garnered several nominations and awards including UK MVA for Best Dance Video and Best Visual Effects, and a D&AD Yellow Pencil for the Best Music Video and Best Special Effects. More recently, they won a Yellow Pencil for Best Direction for Movement’s “Ivory.”

Having drawn the eye of global brands through their artistic passions and unique sensibility for crafting highly visual pieces, the duo would go on to direct captivating commercials for clients including Apple, Audi, Lacoste and Sprint.

Today, Fleur continues to innovate her signature style in the world of advertising and music videos for premium global brands and artists.