Hot Wings Santiago & Mauricio

Santiago & Mauricio

Sibling visionaries Santiago and Mauricio Sierra were born and raised in Mexico City. With educations in the classical arts of painting, performance and animation, the two initially pursued separate careers across photography, film and visual effects.

In 2010, the brothers decided to evolve their advisory relationship by formalizing their creative association. As the defined partnership Santiago & Mauricio, their work fuses together mediums ranging from art, fashion, animation and video games. Their signature style is known for integrating elements of romanticism, forward-thinking (while simultaneously keeping a contemporary perspective), addressing visual and technological aspects, continuously pushing boundaries, and exploring the intersections of narrative and image making.

With a creative vision that is truly singular, and by utilizing groundbreaking new technologies and post-production techniques, Santiago & Mauricio are able to execute projects in a way that remains unmatched, bridging the gap between fashion, beauty and entertainment. They have collaborated with numerous renowned clients and publications, including Chanel, Dior, Nike, Estée Lauder, Swarovski, Carolina Herrera, Maybelline, Diesel, i-D, Vogue, and Interview Magazine, to name a few.

The duo is currently based in New York City, where they continue to create works from their Lower East Side studio.