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Calmatic Talks to Billboard About Working With Lil Nas X on the Set of ‘Old Town Road’

Shortly before “Old Town Road” transcended its Tik Tok-led viral fame to become a global hip-hop phenomenon, Calmatic got an email from his production company asking if he’d consider directing the song’s music video.

“The first time I played it, I had no clue who Lil Nas was,” Calmatic tells Billboard. “I heard the song… and I was like, wow this is crazy. I literally responded to my manager like, ‘Is this a joke?’”

However, after doing his research and giving the track a few more listens, the Los Angeles-based director quickly realized how “genius” the song really was. As he brainstormed treatments for the video, Calmatic watched as the track exploded in pop culture and climbed its way to No. 1 on the Hot 100 — where it has since stayed for seven consecutive weeks.

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