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Eloise King Directs Inclusive Breast Cancer PSA for Non-Profit CoppaFeel!

The ad, which is titled “Grab Life by the Boobs,” encourages everyone, regardless of their gender expression, to regularly check their “breasts or pecks” for lumps.

The PSA was produced by PRETTYBIRD UK for the charity CoppaFeel!, which is committed to promoting breast cancer awareness and educational services. The non-profit is known for its groundbreaking, branded entertainment. In 2017, CoppaFeel!’s “Trust Your Touch” was the first ad to show a female nipple on daytime television, which added to an ongoing conversation on the cultural taboo.

The ad’s central theme arose from CoppaFeel!’s creative and brand manager Sinéad Molloy, who sought to create a more representative breast cancer narrative, featuring both transgender and cisgender people.

Click below to watch the full video.