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Top Spot of the Week: Pereira O’Dell, PRETTYBIRD Director Paul Hunter Daydream For Stella Artois – SHOOT Online

Stella Artois launches its summer campaign with this dreamy music video inviting people to savor life together with those who matter most–a mindset known as The Life Artois. In a summer unlike any other, the “You’re Never Too Far From The Life Artois” campaign from agency Pereira O’Dell is a reminder that opportunities to enjoy the summer are still all around us. Set to a hauntingly romantic rendition of the iconic song “Daydream,” reimagined by indie folk singer M. Ward, the music video features Liev Schreiber, Blake Griffin, Eva Longoria, as well as everyday people and shows what a day for a daydream can be when people embrace The Life Artois by setting themselves free to daydream and embrace the summer version of themselves.


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