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The Best Films of 2020 – LeftLion

From countless postponements to forced cinema closures, 2020 hasn’t been kind to the film industry. Even so – be it via socially-distanced seating or a bit of streaming magic – we’ve still managed to watch lots of excellent movies this year. Here are our picks for 2020’s very finest…

Queen & Slim
Director: Melina Matsoukas
Release date: 31st January- Even way back in January, before social issues like race and equality were propelled to the forefront of the conversation, Queen & Slim was a triumph of storytelling. The transpiring months only made its tragic yet hopeful plot more and more poignant. The film’s genius lies in the contrast between the believable, endearing love story between the two protagonists, and the volatile social climate their relationship is an escape from. Watching their relationship evolve as they unknowingly become martyrs for an entire movement offers up some of the year’s most powerful scenes. A must-watch. Nathan Warby. 

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