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PRETTYBIRD Is Ad Age’s A-List 2021 Production Company of the Year!!

When Kerstin Emhoff and Paul Hunter opened the doors of Prettybird in 2007, things didn’t come easy.

As a woman and a Black man founding a startup production company, they felt they had to be deliberate about their choices and their positioning. Hunter, though at the time already an A-List director, recalls wanting to avoid promoting Prettybird as a “Black-owned”  business. “Kerstin and I were trying to fight against that, even though I was leading the charge as director because there was a limited amount of work, and the creative scene at the time was sort of dumbed down, which was a real issue,” he says.

More than a decade later, Prettybird’s storytelling is the furthest from “dumbed down” as you can get, all told from one of the most diverse rosters in the industry.

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