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‘I Am Groot’ Creators on the Short Series’ Connection to the MCU and Baby Groot vs. Baby Yoda Debate

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has built its brand on connections: one film introduces a character who spins off into their own movie; a streaming series sets up a new star who cameos in another show; a mob of characters team-up in a group film and everything eventually leads to the current saga’s conclusion. And while the increasing web of link-ups across Marvel Studios’ various projects can be exciting for fans to unpack, for those who find it intimidating or exhausting, the studio’s new animated series “I Am Groot” offers a welcome reprieve.

“I Am Groot” stars Vin Diesel as Groot himself, a bizarre tree-like alien that can only say the titular phrase. Introduced in the MCU via James Gunn’s 2014 sci-fi comedy “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the original Groot sacrificed his life to save his best friend Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and the rest of the Guardians. But from his body, a new alien grows as a sapling, with the team giving him the name of his “father” and adopting them as their own. Since then, this younger version of Groot has been a mainstay of the MCU, popping up in “Infinity War,” “Endgame,” “Thor: Love and Thunder” and the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” film.

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