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Street Food USA Co-Creator Brian McGinn On What Defines Street Food – Exclusive

From the co-creator of the Netflix show “Chef’s Table,” Brian McGinn is back in the food world, this time documenting street food. The show, appropriately titled “Street Food,” showcases chefs and restaurants all over the world that are serving up quick and accessible cuisine. The most recent iteration of the “Street Food” series is “Street Food USA,” which focuses on ready-to-eat cuisine across the United States. The show, which is premiering now on Netflix, highlights all the delectable tastes and the people behind them.

It begs the question, though: What exactly is street food? Street food is something that everyone knows, but everyone has a slightly different definition of it. We sat down with co-creator and producer of “Street Food” Brian McGinn for an exclusive interview to discuss what the show defines as street food and how they use that definition to inform what they feature on the various iterations of the series.

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