Creatives Tom Beard

Tom Beard

Beard is a London born writer-filmmaker and photographer. His background in photography paired with an observational and intimate approach to filmmaking has culminated in a style exclusive to himself. Beard uncovers the surreal in the everyday idiosyncrasies of life.

With a deep-seated (but healthy) devotion to the values and processing of film, Tom spent his teenage years touring and snapping countless defining images and record covers for the likes of Florence & the Machine, Adele, The Horrors and Jamie T. His portrait of Florence for her 2016 Album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” earned the artist a Grammy Nomination in the artwork category.

Tom’s natural transition into filmmaking began with directing music videos for Florence, alongside artists such as Klaxons and Jessie Ware, translating the candidness of his subjects from his portraits into moving image. His beautiful yet provocative video with FKA Twigs “Papi Pacify” won him an MVA for Best Low Budget Video.

Maintaining the distinctive aesthetic of his stills work along with his own eye for authenticity and performance, Tom has also gone on to create successful commercial campaigns for Give Blood, Cancer Research, Topman, Diesel and All Saints, among others.

Tom’s passion for screenwriting has developed alongside his commercial and music video work, catching the eye of Creative England who have since commissioned Tom to write and direct his first feature, ‘Two for Joy’. Which is a coming of age drama, dealing with issues facing Young Carers and mental health.

Shot in September of 2017 and starring Samantha Morton, Billie Piper, Daniel Mays and Emila Jones, ‘Two For Joy’ is true to his previous short films and has been shot on 35mm in association with Kodak.