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Jade Ang

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Jade Ang Jackman is an award-winning director whose work can be identified by its energetic and vibrant qualities as well as her interest in sport and action.

In these realms, she seeks to collaborate with people who’ve traditionally been sidelined from these spaces. She has worked with several Olympic athletes and brands spanning UEFA, Channel 4, Gucci, Canon, Audible, and more. Most recently, her short film, Speed of Sound, about Paralympic gold medallist Carina Edlinger, co-produced by Lammas Park won best sports film in a prize supported by Arcteryx.

In her debut narrative project, she worked with Lammas Park on a project supported by Canon to create an action-drama hybrid based on a self-defense group started by Suffragettes. Currently, she is finishing a film for UEFA and Football.Co for the Europa League.