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Nick Sweeney

Nick Sweeney is a New York and London based filmmaker with a penchant for bringing genuine, thought-provoking material to considerable worldwide audiences. His flair for authenticity saw him producing and directing a slew of top-rated TV documentaries for the world’s top broadcasters over the years, bringing important issues into focus.

Nick’s earlier projects evolved from the sphere of fashion film, including short films for luxury brands. Nick made his first long-form impact in 2014 with Secrets of the Living Dolls, a remarkable glimpse into the never-before-seen female masking subculture. The documentary attracted 4 million TV viewers on UK’s Channel 4, trended worldwide on Twitter, and has since been broadcast internationally on Discovery Networks, Netflix and ABC.

2015 saw the release of one of Nick’s most recognizable projects: Born in the Wrong Body, a ground-breaking television series of three one-hour documentaries, each following transgender people aged 5-25 in the USA and UK. The inspirational and extraordinary project, which Nick produced and directed for Channel 4, provided an emotional peek into the lives of transgender youths. More than five million Brits tuned in to watch the series; and episodes “My Transgender Kid,” “Girls to Men” and “My Transgender Summer Camp” continue to air on major networks worldwide, including Netflix and TLC. Born in the Wrong Body was critically-acclaimed with features on BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, Dazed&Confused, and The Guardian. The docu-series trailer was YouTube’s #1 Most Popular Video upon release and rose to the top of BuzzFeed’s newsfeed and Twitter’s trends.

In 2017 Nick produced and directed The Sex Robots are Coming for the UK’s Channel 4. Filmed over two years, the provocative documentary explores how advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics have seen a U.S. company develop the world’s first sex robot. The film also examines the ethical implications of robotic lovers, with critics claiming they could potentially endanger human relationships.

In 2019, Nick will release, AKA Jane Roe, the astonishing story of the real Jane Roe, the woman behind the most polarizing Supreme Court decision in history: Roe v. Wade. In what would be the final year of her life, Norma McCorvey revealed the unvarnished truth behind her journey from pro-choice to pro-life and beyond – in her own words. In this surprising exposé of an unlikely activist, Jane Roe’s legacy is finally revealed with the help of Gloria Allred, as well as prominent pro-choice and pro-life leaders.