FunJob and US Sydney collaborated to create a re-branded look for The campaign features 20+ animated characters conceived by US and developed by FunJob. Each character couple is designed to appeal to a different audience.

“Better Together” is the melancholic tale of a Pea and a Carrot. Welcome to our magical world where all things that are supposed to be together are. From strawberries and cream, to a fork and knife, and a rabbit and a hat, we watch as these duos make their love connection all over town. The only ones that haven’t yet found each other are our main characters, but once they do meet… it’s going to be great! After all, what goes better together than peas and carrots? Enjoy our new spot for Match.Com.

“Working with FunJob is like being ten years old again, sitting in a tree house with mates, thinking up crazy ideas. Except the ideas are brilliant, everyone is extremely talented and your mum doesn’t show up and tell everyone it’s time to go home” – Josh Moore ECD, US Sydney.

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