Collaborators Pussykrew


Pussykrew create dreamworlds and situations that are artificial but hyperreal, spectacular yet sublime. As directors and artists, they work with real-time animation, gaming experiences, immersive installations, and VR environments, where luxury and desolation can live in harmony. With a post-human ethos, Pussykrew traverses the spaces between physical and digital realms, making the familiar alien and vice versa, using evolving identities and surreal surroundings.

The duo has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Burberry and with musicians such as Oyinda, Peaches, Sevdaliza, and Kelela. They both grew up in Poland but first met while they were living in Ireland. Now with footing in NYC, the nomadic Pussykrew have called numerous international cities their home, from Berlin to Shanghai.

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas are NYC-based award-winning Artists and Directors working under the moniker Pussykrew, creating captivating virtual experiences, music videos, interactive games, immersive installations, and sculptures. Pussykrew constructs worlds that explore spaces between gender, identity, and the post-human universe. Through their creative work, they aim to transgress borders and create new inclusive realities.

They combine digital and physical realms, blending fluid bodies and futuristic landscapes through experimentation with real-time animation, photogrammetry, and VR sculpting. With a background in fine art, film, and digital media, Pussykrew synthesizes their unique sensitivity and distinctive style to create significant, influential pieces. Their fascination for virtual environments and transformative experiences motivates them to play with deconstructed digital images and cinematic poetry, using the traditional language of painting. By merging with these various planes of reality, they create new forms that are constantly in the process of evolution.

Pussykrew’s work has been exhibited internationally, across Europe, Asia, and the US (Saatchi Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, Art Center Nabi Seoul, NADA Art Fair, Berlin Art Week, Postmasters Gallery, New York Media Center, Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, European Media Festival, WRO Biennale). They provided workshops and lectures at UCLA, Parsons, Carnegie Mellon University, RCA London, Offenbach University of Art and Design.

Pussykrew collaborated with Adidas (Gold + Silver Cannes Lion in Innovation), Nike, Burberry, Converse, Hugo Boss, The Webster, Parkwood Entertainment, Warp, Columbia Records, Meow Wolf, Chromat x Reebok, Adobe.