Collaborators Weirdcore


London-based WEIRDCORE is half-English, half-French, which results in a director and collaborator who is one hundred percent out there.

Weirdcore’s work is the result of years of experimental design and animation work that pushes the boundaries of consciousness and visual interpretation. Adopting a method used more often by artists and music producers rather than by visual directors, Weirdcore helps both advise and visualize others’ initial ideas, facilitating their progress through until the finished form, whilst also creating his own stunning individual projects. 

With a unique blend of formats, colors, designs and mediums, Weirdcore has collaborated with some of the most exciting modern artists and directors such as Aphex Twin, M.I.A, Nabil, Hype Williams, Charlie XCX, Skrillex, Sophie Muller, Diane Martel, and Miley Cyrus in order to create innovative and groundbreaking videos, visuals, interactive installations and other projects. Weirdcore has also lent his emotive expertise to larger collectives, organizations, and labels such as Warp, XL, Sony, Ninja Tunes, and Domino, and keeps a dynamic and fluid focus across a range of other diverse industries such as Fashion, Theatre, and Opera.

Weirdcore has created a stunning CG world for Tame Impala’s “Cause I’m a Man” and worked alongside M.I.A. on her new album visuals. Drawing on elements that are highly structured, Weirdcore smashes the conventional directorial idea of where an image ends by paralleling universes seamlessly between 2D & 3D. Weirdcore lends a one-of-a-kind twist to the graphic approach for videos, commercials, live visuals, and fashion films. Weirdcore is driven by technology as an experimental exercise and explores artistic bipolarity with rough, raw style, hip yet always organic and with a definitive edge.