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Quinn was born at a very young age in Richmond, Virginia. As a child she considered TV her mother. Like a feral animal that if regularly fed by another being forms an attachment, so did Quinn to television. This sounds sad but it is not. Well, not to Quinn.

Then, one day, Quinn was an adult. As an adult she knew she wanted to work in TV. So she found her way into advertising in a rather unusual way. She was writing greeting cards and dumping all of her rejected jokes onto Twitter. After amassing a large following, someone hired her to be a junior copywriter on a national account.

From there, she spent a long time in advertising, learning all the ins and outs of the industry. As a creative director, she led accounts and created a bunch of work that you’d say, “Oh yeah, I know that” about. She was named to AdWeek Creative 100 in 2019 and Business Insider’s Rising Stars list. She’s helped craft brands like, Progressive, Hershey’s, Ice Breakers, Breath Savers, Ad Council, Jack Daniel’s, Saucony, Sonic Drive Thru, PUR, Carnival, Yoplait, Lee Jeans, Vanity Fair and Ball Jars.

Throughout her advertising career, Quinn’s love of TV persisted. And eventually she grew to call it “film making” because that’s what cool people do? As a director, Quinn brings a unique set of skills to every project. Her background in advertising allows for her to apply strategic thinking and quick problem solving to any situation while always championing the craft of storytelling in both short and long formats.

Quinn has a fresh comedic voice that she brings to all of her work, which is often rooted in deep human truths that get brought to light through razor sharp wit. She’s a contributor to McSweeney’s and Belladonna Comedy. And if you could see the Notes section of her phone you would think she’s hilarious. The only people who don’t find Quinn as funny as she finds herself are her children who, honestly, can’t even read so we’re not sure they count.