Mattress Firm – Junk Sleep is a Slippery Slope

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Tigerilla Tulips (ft. Gill Bates)


Whether he’s filming a stand-off on a neighborhood basketball court or a futuristic lab set in Southeast Asia, Tom Noakes approaches each new project by drawing on his long-held passions for innovative cinema and character-driven storytelling.

In 2019, Tom was given the honor of directing a commercial for Coca-Cola’s first new flavor in over a decade, the Orange Vanilla Coke and the Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar. To pay homage to the brand’s legacy, Tom infused the spot with nostalgic overtones, reminiscent of television ads from the 1970s. The following month, he directed Reebok’s “Storm the Court,” as part of the brand’s “Sport the Unexpected,” its largest revival campaign in five years. The spot won a 2019 Silver Lion at Cannes Lions for Film Craft – Direction.

He also directed “Juntas Imparables” (“Unstoppable Together”), Nike Women’s first “Just Do It” campaign geared toward Mexican audiences. Against the backdrop of a hot day in Mexico City’s gridlock traffic, the film perfectly encapsulates the ethos of the brand: there are no obstacles, athletic or societal, that women and girls cannot overcome.

Tom’s work has gained wide critical attention and has been featured in a range of prestigious publications, including CNBC, Vice, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Adweek, and SHOTS.