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J.B. Braud

J.B. Braud is a French filmmaker, writer, and producer. His approach to filmmaking is highly visual with a strong sense of detail, color, and lighting that makes his characters and storytelling come alive. His imagination is fueled by various horizons and cultures, giving him the inspiration to produce cinematic singular pieces and convey unusual narratives with a subtle sense of surrealism.

After graduating from LSE in social sciences, Braud began his career at Canal+ before moving into filmmaking in 2018 as director and writer of Paris, Tokyo, a successful documentary series broadcast in Japan on Pen/Tsutaya TV that ran for 2 seasons.

Braud quickly earned critical acclaim with his first short film In the Still Night (2019), shot in Tokyo and starring actor Eric Wareheim. In the Still Night was broadcast on Canal+ and selected to screen at film festivals globally. This lead to Braud getting spotted by Apple and, consequently, his commercial debut in 2021 with the shot on iPhone campaign Le Peintre (The Painters). The short film makes the most of the device’s camera through a thrilling and carefully crafted story. That same year, Braud made another shot on iPhone short film for Apple’s annual keynote that showcases, through a playful and stunning whodunnit type of story, the capacity of the new iPhone 13 cinematic mode feature.

Braud continues to hone his craft as a directorial auteur, and recently completed his second short film The Sound of Water, a drama about the tragic vanishing of a woman in Koyasan, Japan, that will be released soon.