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Tiller Russell

Acclaimed writer and director Tiller Russell has created character led films that defy genre, displaying an incisive understanding of the criminal mind and the worlds that surround them. Tiller’s most recent documentary series THE LAST NARC, streaming exclusively on Amazon, is about the infamous cartel murder of DEA agent ‘Kiki’ Camarena. Tiller also wrote and directed his upcoming narrative feature SILK ROAD based on the true story of the illegal Silk Road website and its 29-year-old creator Ross Ulbrich.

Tiller’s previous film OPERATION ODESSA, which premiered at SXSW 2018, tells the true story of a Russian mobster, a Miami playboy, and a Cuban spy who teamed up in the early 90’s to sell a Soviet submarine to the Cali Cartel. In an interview with Remezcla, Tiller described the movie as a “wild ass film” and reveals that he “smuggled” himself into the Panamanian prison for $1,000 stating, “I bribed a guard and he smuggled me into the prison… I found this crazy, charismatic, hilarious madman named Tarzan. It was like he walked out of a Martin Scorsese movie.” The hit film is currently available on Netflix and shows Tiller’s unique visual style and ability to capture performance from any subject. Prior to this, Tiller directed the universally lauded documentary THE SEVEN FIVE, an engrossing film that delves into rampant police corruption in New York’s 75th precinct during the 1990s.

Tiller’s highly anticipated four part docu-series NIGHT STALKER, about the serial killer who haunted LA in the 1980s, will premiere this January on Netflix.