Brand Content
Los Angeles Rams “On The Clock” Paul Hunter
Apple “Whodunnit” J.B. Braud
NFL Super Bowl LV “As One” Max Malkin
Beats “You Love Me” Melina Matsoukas
Mattress Firm “Junk Sleep is a Slippery Slope” Tom Noakes
SAXX “Man or Gentleman” Kitao Sakurai
Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer “All-Star Cast” Calmatic
Facebook “More Questions, More Answers” Daniels
Amazon “Protect & Connect” Paul Hunter
Amazon Books “That Reading Feeling” Tom Noakes
Amazon “The Show Must Go On” Melina Matsoukas “The Moment of Truth” Calmatic
Nike “Better | Mamba Forever” Melina Matsoukas
The Glenlivet “Against The Tide” Tom Noakes
Volkswagen “Break Free” Bryce Dallas Howard
Bose “Quiet Comfort” Bradley & Pablo
Stella Artois “Daydream (in the Life Artois)” Paul Hunter
Smartwater “Pete Davidson gets smart with Smartwater” Matt Piedmont
GE “Building a World That Works” Vellas
Philadelphia Cream Cheese “You Don’t Just Taste It. You Feel It” Ian Schwartz
Uber “Thank You For Not Riding” PRETTYBIRD
Two Lane “The Good Ship” Jared Clayton
Nike “BeTrue: This is Our Time” Matt Lambert
NFL “Take It To The House, Kid” Max Malkin
Reebok “Storm the Court” Tom Noakes
TurboTax “All People Are Tax People” Calmatic
Sephora “Identify as We” Matt Lambert
Planned Parenthood “Ours To Tell” Rayka Zehtabchi
Apple “Fly Market” Daniels
Kia “Outlaw Horses” Max Malkin
Facebook “We’re Not Just Staying Home” Carrie Brownstein
Coca-Cola “The Disagreement” Tom Noakes
NBC “Peacock Hatching” Paul Hunter
Essentia “That Thing” Matt Lambert
American Express “Always A Story to Tell” Max Malkin
Palms Casino “From Dust to Gold” Paul Hunter
Kia “Barrel Racers” Max Malkin
Under Armour “Will Makes Us Family” Jodeb
Facebook “Get Together” Fleur Fortuné
Nike “Juntas Imparables” Tom Noakes
AT&T “Kings of Style” Paul Hunter
Netflix “A Great Day in Hollywood” Lacey Duke
Spotify “Black History is Happening Now” Paul Hunter
Coca-Cola “Chase” Tom Noakes
Nike “Dream Further” François Rousselet
Adidas “Original is Never Finished” Jodeb
Nike “Equality” Melina Matsoukas
Duracell “Headphones” Tim & Eric
PlayStation Japan “Gravity Cat” Show Yanagisawa
Cadillac “Defy Gravity” Jared Clayton
Samsung Galaxy “Level Up” Paul Hunter
Nike “Unlimited You” Daniels
Skippy “Motorcycle” Kirsten Lepore
Gain “Enter the World of Fragrance” Matt Piedmont
GAP “Perfect Harmony” Paul Hunter
Covergirl “Made in the Mirror” Matt Lambert
Seventh Generation “Vajingle” Matt Piedmont
Nike “Unlimited Youth” Max Malkin