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A Philadelphia native, Andrew Renzi’s love for film came from his father. As an avid cinephile, his father would drill Andrew on classic films of the ’60s and ’70s. When his dad passed, he made a commitment to pursue the dream that he and his father had for him of being a filmmaker. 

Recently, Andrew directed the Netflix docuseries Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?, which tells the story of two mountaineers who took on Pepsi in the ‘90s in a David vs. Goliath battle that would change advertising law forever. In 2021, he released The Curse of Von Dutch for Hulu, which Variety included in their “Best Doc Series” list.

In November 2019, Showtime released Ready For War, a feature documentary that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and examines the cause and effect of deporting immigrant veterans to Mexico, where many are recruited by drug cartels. The film – directed by Andrew – was produced alongside multi-platinum artist Drake and filmmaker David Ayer, as well as PRETTYBIRD’s Kerstin Emhoff and Candice Dragonas. At the end of 2019, he completed the Stop Opioid Silence Campaign, a national call to action for policy reform that featured stories of loss and recovery from 12 people around the country alongside 25 US Senators and 50 Members of Congress from crisis states.

Previous credits also include They Fight (2018), which was produced alongside rapper and Academy Award-winner Common. The film, which premiered on Fox, tells the story of a group of young teenage boys whose training at a local Washington, D.C. boxing gym becomes an integral part of steering them away from the violence in Southeast D.C.. 

From the onset of his career, Andrew has demonstrated his discerning eye for high-quality storytelling. His first two short films, The Fort and Karaoke!, were both selected for the Sundance Film Festival and would go on to win numerous awards including the Panavision Future Filmmaker Award and Short of the Year on Later that same year, Andrew directed and produced the Sotheby’s-commissioned feature documentary, Fishtail – an exquisite portrait of Montana cattle farming that connects modern-day processes to the old American West.