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From period films to musicals, sweeping epics to sharply scripted dialogue spots, Australian director Nick Kelly searches for the comic and the absurd within a rich cinematic range.

With a background in both writing and photography, film was a natural path for Nick. This love was first born out of an obsession with character and the nuances of dialogue. Street casting has continued to play a role in Nick’s work, an ongoing quest to find the naive genius in everyday characters and new ways to bring diversity of talent to the screen.

For several years Nick helmed the Uber Eats duos spots that went on to become a global campaign. The project saw him work with Kim Kardashian, amongst other stars across several continents. His experience in improv, thanks to several years with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, has been invaluable in making the most of these often unpredictable encounters.

Nick’s work has been critically acclaimed worldwide, both in award shows and in its viral online spread. His first commercial for Snickers garnered over 50 million views online.

Nick is currently in post production for a short film, Peach Tree, starring Daniel Henshall.