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Show Yanagisawa is a film director based in Tokyo, Japan. He began his creative career as an oil painter and live graffiti artist, studying under the prominent contemporary artist Takashi Murakami and graduating from Tama Art University in 2005. His signature abstract approach to filmmaking has earned him a number of the industry’s most prestigious awards.

Show has spearheaded ad campaigns for both global and Japanese brands, including Google Nexus, Subaru, Sony Music International, Honda, Marlboro, Fuji TV, Volkswagen, Cannon, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Nissan, and Pokémon GO. 

In 2016, Yanagisawa directed “High School Girl,” a reverse transformation spot for the Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido. The ad — with the tagline “Anyone can be cute” — garnered millions of views, as well as numerous awards, including Gold honors from Cannes Lions, D&AD Awards, the One Show, the Andy Awards, and the Clios. He also directed the digital branded short film, ‘Snow Beauty’ for Shiseido, which follows a surreal encounter between a man and woman who are both waiting for an imminent train after a snowstorm.

In his VFX-savvy PlayStation Japan spot “Gravity Cat”, Yanagisawa literally turned the world upside-down, creating a groundbreaking promotion for the video game Gravity Rush 2. The four-minute film, which follows two sisters as they struggle to protect their gravity-defying kitten, won Gold at the 2017 One Show, D&AD Awards, and Andy Awards. The ad was recognized with a whopping seven awards at the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity — including one Gold, two Silver, and four Bronze.

His 2021 campaign for Pocari Sweat “Find Your Own Way” won multiple top awards at One Show and D&AD and, most notably, two Grand Prix honors at Ciclope Asia and Adfest. His 2023 campaign for Sotetsu “Father and Daughter”, which tells a 12-year story about a parent and his daughter’s relationship, made waves throughout the industry for its clever VFX and sentimental story.  

In addition to creating branded work, Yanagisawa is currently pursuing music videos, short and long-form film projects, as well as animation.