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Jared Clayton is a self-taught, multidisciplinary filmmaker with a background in writing and cinematography whose work is marked by his curiosity, passion for adventure, and unflinching honesty.

His tireless pursuit of filmmaking began at a young age in his native Ohio, crafting videos for non-profit organizations. After moving to New York, Jared rose through the ranks of production and soon became Khalid Mohtaseb’s 1st AC, an experience that fostered a close mentorship between himself and the cinematographer. Over time, Jared cultivated a creative community in New York that helped him grow as a filmmaker as he experimented with various passion projects.

Jared has successfully transitioned into the world of commercial filmmaking, creating evocative content for global brands such as Toyota, Adidas, NSW Tourism, Lincoln Motors, Tinder, Google, and Rimowa, among others, and his work has achieved critical acclaim with honors from AICP, One Show, and YDA. His campaign “See Yourself in Others” for Tribeca Film Festival was featured in The New York Times and received “Pick of the Day” from Creativity. He was also featured in SHOOT Online’s “New Directors Showcase.”

Jared has also received multiple Vimeo staff picks, one of which being for his short film, Imposter, which tells the story of a prodigal boxer who, after being humiliated in the ring, finds his match in the therapist that has been assigned to clear his return.

His UNICEF campaign “More Than a Mark” has made its mark on the 2021 awards circuit, winning Best of Discipline: Motion/Film/Gaming Craft at The One Show and four Gold statues (including one for Direction and one for Film Craft) at the ADC Awards, among others.